2479 Bethany Turnpike,
Pleasant Mount,
PA, 18453
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Windfield Farm is set amongst the beautiful Appalachian mountains of North East Pennsylvania with countryside not unlike Sussex, England, (only the hills are a little bigger here!), where we used to live. Irish Horses have always been a part of my life, from earliest childhood on a farm in Lancashire, England. Over many years the ID and ISH were more a type which I found honest and talented – it was only later that I found the “breed” and began to look for specific types and standards. And so those standards have come with me to our new home in Pennsylvania, where I hope to continue breeding, training and enjoying these lovely horses.

The original Irish Sport Horse started life with an Irish Draught Dam and a Thoroughbred Stallion.Our 'girls' at Windfield Farm form the vital traditional breeding base for Irish Sport Horses. They are not only lovely horses, but a very distinct type. The Dam line is so very important in passing on the traditional qualities of the breed - soundness, temperament, athleticism and intelligence. A thoroughbred influence on this traditional type produces a finer (often taller) competition prospect -extremely capable, versatile and with a unique willingness to please.

We invite you to visit us and the 'girls' and see for yourself.

- Rachael Cox        

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